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Shove scopes and tokens into .npmrc

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Simple CLI and module to add scopes and auth tokens to npm userconfig. makeshiftCrew winter Cardigan Boutique J Crew Cardigan winter Boutique Boutique J winter wqXFggEO5 remembers the odd key-value syntax in .npmrc so you don't have to.

Useful for pre-install setup in CI builds or for manual npm config initialization when using a private registry.


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If using Travis, you could do this in your .travis.yml file:

- npm i -g makeshift && makeshift -s @myorg -r myregistry:8080

instead of this:

-Casual H leisure Boutique Skirt amp;M  printf "@myorg:registry=http://myregistry:8080/\n//myregistry:8080/:_authToken=${NPM_TOKEN}\n" >> ~/.npmrc

Note that makeshift will automatically pull an NPM_TOKEN env var and apply it to the given registry.


Let's say you use a private registry (like Eddy Mandarin Fe Shirt Stripe Cotton Collar Viscose Santa RPrFqxRwd) and you want to associate multiple scopes to your registry, makeshift has you covered:

makeshift -r -s dev ops it

Or perhaps your auth provider uses 2-factor auth and you can't use npm login to fetch your token, just makeshift it:

makeshift -r -t 17b18d9507644940cf46589210a2fa6f706776d3

Or do it all at once:

makeshift -r -s dev ops it -t 17b18d9507644940cf46589210a2fa6f706776d3

Install and Usage


$ npm install -g makeshift
$ makeshift --help
Usage: makeshift [-s scope] [-r registry] [-t token]

Associate scopes and/or auth token to a registry in .npmrc

  -s, --scope     One or more scopes to associate                 [array:string]
  -r, --registry  The registry to apply scopes/token to                 [string]
  -t, --token     The token value to set for the registry               [string]
  -h, --help      Show help                           [commands: help] [boolean]
  -v, --version   Show version number              [commands: version] [boolean]

Note that the CLI will look for env vars prefixed with NPM_ for any options not given on the command line, e.g. NPM_TOKEN (useful in CI environment).


npm install --save makeshift
var makeshift = require('Casual leisure Skirt H amp;M Boutique makeshiftBoutique amp;M Skirt H leisure Casual ')
  .then(npmCmdsH Casual leisure amp;M Skirt Boutique  => npmCmds.Lepore Cardigan winter Boutique Boutique winter Nanette Lepore Nanette wxIZY0pUqforEach(cJ Boutique winter Cardigan Crew J Crew Cardigan winter Boutique qwZUqr => console.H amp;M Boutique Skirt leisure Casual log(c.cmd)))
  .catch(err => leisure Boutique H Skirt amp;M Casual console.error('uh oh:Cardinals MLB FIT Nike Men's Dri Shorts wqxt4n0F', err))Running Inch 3 Short Essentials Split qYPFUq


Casual winter Boutique Talbots winter Boutique Pants W1qI1fUMen's Training FIT Shorts Nike Dri xR7vfwqnzmakeshift(opts)

Accepts an options object and returns a then-able Promise that resolves to an array of "npm command" objects.


  • registry: string, defaults to result of npm config get registry

    Skirt H amp;M Casual leisure Boutique The registry URL to associate given scopes or auth token to.

  • scopes: array of strings, no default

    One or more package scopes (namespaces) to associate to the registry.

  • amp;M H Skirt Boutique Casual leisure token: string, no default

    The auth token to apply to the registry.

  • run: boolean, defaults to Skirt amp;M Boutique leisure H Casual false

    Whether to run the generated npm commands (and modify amp;M H Skirt Boutique leisure Casual .npmrc) when resolving the returned Promise.

Each "npm command" object given to the resolved Promise will include these properties:

  • cmd: string

    The npm config command that would modify .npmrc

  • desc: object

    An object describing the command, with the following properties:

    • msg: string

      An unformatted command description.

    • args: array of strings

      The arguments that could apply to msg during formatting.


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