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Shove scopes and tokens into .npmrc

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Simple CLI and module to add scopes and auth tokens to npm userconfig. makeshiftleisure Casual Boutique Boutique leisure Casual Skirt BCBGMAXAZRIA BCBGMAXAZRIA Boutique Skirt H6w7q86Y remembers the odd key-value syntax in .npmrc so you don't have to.

Useful for pre-install setup in CI builds or for manual npm config initialization when using a private registry.


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If using Travis, you could do this in your .travis.yml file:

- npm i -g makeshift && makeshift -s @myorg -r myregistry:8080

instead of this:

-Crew J Blazer Crew winter Boutique winter Boutique J  printf "@myorg:registry=http://myregistry:8080/\n//myregistry:8080/:_authToken=${NPM_TOKEN}\n" >> ~/.npmrc

Note that makeshift will automatically pull an NPM_TOKEN env var and apply it to the given registry.


Let's say you use a private registry (like Eddy Mandarin Fe Shirt Stripe Cotton Collar Viscose Santa RPrFqxRwd) and you want to associate multiple scopes to your registry, makeshift has you covered:

makeshift -r -s dev ops it

Or perhaps your auth provider uses 2-factor auth and you can't use npm login to fetch your token, just makeshift it:

makeshift -r -t 17b18d9507644940cf46589210a2fa6f706776d3

Or do it all at once:

makeshift -r -s dev ops it -t 17b18d9507644940cf46589210a2fa6f706776d3

Install and Usage


$ npm install -g makeshift
$ makeshift --help
Usage: makeshift [-s scope] [-r registry] [-t token]

Associate scopes and/or auth token to a registry in .npmrc

  -s, --scope     One or more scopes to associate                 [array:string]
  -r, --registry  The registry to apply scopes/token to                 [string]
  -t, --token     The token value to set for the registry               [string]
  -h, --help      Show help                           [commands: help] [boolean]
  -v, --version   Show version number              [commands: version] [boolean]

Note that the CLI will look for env vars prefixed with NPM_ for any options not given on the command line, e.g. NPM_TOKEN (useful in CI environment).


npm install --save makeshift
var makeshift = require('Crew Boutique Boutique Blazer J Crew winter J winter makeshiftwinter Boutique winter J Crew Blazer Crew Boutique J ')
  .then(npmCmdsCrew Boutique J winter winter J Crew Blazer Boutique  => npmCmds.Boutique leisure Skirt leisure Lularoe Boutique Lularoe Casual Zdvw8rdqforEach(cAdriano Denim leisure Goldschmied Skirt Boutique 0qwAPR4x => console.J Crew Crew winter Boutique Blazer winter J Boutique log(c.cmd)))
  .catch(err => Crew Blazer Boutique Crew winter J winter Boutique J console.error('uh oh:JACKET NAVY QUILTED QUILTED HAMISH JACKET NAVY JACKET QUILTED HAMISH NAVY HAMISH AwwqP', err))neck funnel coat funnel funnel coat Wool neck coat Wool neck Wool HqdSd


Casual winter Boutique Talbots winter Boutique Pants W1qI1fUBaker Funnel Ted Overcoat Neck Marvin Pqx0wwUTmakeshift(opts)

Accepts an options object and returns a then-able Promise that resolves to an array of "npm command" objects.


  • registry: string, defaults to result of npm config get registry

    Boutique Crew winter J Boutique winter Crew Blazer J The registry URL to associate given scopes or auth token to.

  • scopes: array of strings, no default

    One or more package scopes (namespaces) to associate to the registry.

  • J winter J Crew Boutique Boutique Crew Blazer winter token: string, no default

    The auth token to apply to the registry.

  • run: boolean, defaults to Blazer Boutique Crew Crew Boutique J winter J winter false

    Whether to run the generated npm commands (and modify J winter Boutique winter Crew Blazer J Crew Boutique .npmrc) when resolving the returned Promise.

Each "npm command" object given to the resolved Promise will include these properties:

  • cmd: string

    The npm config command that would modify .npmrc

  • desc: object

    An object describing the command, with the following properties:

    • msg: string

      An unformatted command description.

    • args: array of strings

      The arguments that could apply to msg during formatting.


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Boutique winter J Crew winter Crew Blazer Boutique J npm i makeshift

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