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Office of Student Accounts
Jacket Halogen Halogen winter Boutique Jacket Boutique Jacket Halogen winter winter Boutique 225 Stratton Administration Center
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Bookstore Account Authorization

Boutique Boutique Boutique winter winter Halogen winter Halogen Jacket Jacket Halogen Jacket Students receiving financial aid in excess of their institutional charges (tuition, fees, meals, housing, etc.) may request a bookstore account be established at the KU Student Bookstore for the purchase of course-required books and supplies. Students submit a request form to the Financial Aid Office, who will approve or deny the request. All requests must be submitted to Financial Aid by the conclusion of the Drop Add period with purchases made by the date on the form, generally 2 days after the conclusion of Drop Add. This is a limited program and not intended to cover all bookstore expenses. There are three options available only - $200, $500 and $750. One account, per person, per semester.

Halogen winter Halogen Halogen Boutique Jacket winter Jacket Boutique Boutique winter Jacket Halogen winter Boutique winter winter Jacket Jacket Boutique Halogen Halogen Jacket Boutique The Fall 2018 bookstore account program opens Aug 13, 2018.  Online request forms are available now through September 7, 2018.  Remember to be eligible accounts had to be in good standing with no prior debts unpaid; permissions granted and authorized aid more than the charges due.

To be eligible for a bookstore account:

  • Jacket Halogen winter winter Boutique Jacket Boutique Halogen Halogen winter Jacket Boutique The student must be registered for the classes in the semester for which excess financial aid is available
  • The student must be current on all university accounts
  • All documents and forms necessary for disbursement of funds must be completed, verified and certified (ex., terms and conditions, master promissory note, entrance counseling, etc.)
  • The Financial Aid Office must certify that the student has excess funds available to cover the amount selected
  • The university has not issued a refund for the excess funds
  • Student has Leisure winter Gap winter Denim Gap Shorts Denim Leisure Gap Leisure Shorts winter wCRqgwIA for both Title IV and OTH AID in MyKU
  • ONE request per semester

How will you know the account is ready to use in the Bookstore?

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  • Students should check their Account Activity in MyKU. If they see the Bookstore Charge on their account in MyKU, they can visit the bookstore. Approximate time frame is 2 business days, so please plan accordingly.

What can I purchase with this limited bookstore account?

  • Required text books, rental text books, clickers for attendance, required Art Class supplies, required mechanical calculators, computers (Rental text books will require a valid credit card as well)
  • Prohibited items include, but are not limited to: Food, clothing, pencils/pens, notebooks and general office supplies

What exactly is the process for obtaining a bookstore account each semester?

1. Eligible students complete and sign a Bookstore Account Request Form - turn it into the Financial Aid Office 48 business hours before they need the account.

  • Bookstore accounts are available to all students whose financial aid exceeds their institutional charges and a refund for the excess aid has not been issued.

2. If the request is Jacket winter Halogen Halogen Jacket Boutique Jacket winter Halogen Boutique winter Boutique approved, the Office of Student Accounts will be notified by Financial Aid who will reserve the amount authorized on the student's account in MyKU as a Bookstore Account charge (see Account Activity) and set up the account with the bookstore. Students will know the account is ready to use when they see this charge.

  • If denied, Financial Aid or OSA will email the students KU email to indicate the reason for the denial and if there is action they can take to be approved.

3. Students will go to the Bookstore and make purchases up to the account limit or pay the coverage as needed. If the full account is not used by the semester deadline, the credit for the unused portion will post to the students MyKU account within a week after the program closes and either apply to their balance due OR refund on the next refund day in accordance with the university's refund policy.

**Bookstore accounts created and not used, will see the funds release occur within one week of the completion of the program. If you decide to not use the account, you may cancel the account (48 hours processing time) by notifying the Office of Student Accounts.

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